Terms & Conditions for Participating into Jajbaa Competition

All participant have to follow these rules:


  1. Turn on your Mic and Video only when we call up your name.
  2. 1 min time will be given for gear up before starting the main performance in Finale.
  3. Main performance only 5 mins – Only 1 song (No medleys). ( Minimum 3mints Perform)
  4.  Before starting the performance introduce yourself (Your Name) and then announce that your main song is starting. Total 5mins will be provided to complete a performance.
  5.  The performer cannot stop in the middle of a performance to start again. In case the performer stops in the middle of a performance, he will be judged based on the performance done.
  6. All decisions taken by Jajbaa and Gretex shall be Final.
  7. Participation will be allowed with Yamaha Keyboard only.
  8. Special Attention for School Teachers/Principal: Bring Registrations from your school and get listed as ASSOCIATE SCHOOL on our website and our Social Media Platforms.
  9. Last Date of Registration- 21th November 2021, Selection date- 24th November 2021 and Grand Finale- 28th November 2021 (Live on YouTube).
  10. Winner prize worth Rs. 20,000, 1st Runner up prize worth Rs. 10,000 & 2nd Runner up prize worth Rs. 5,000

Strict Don’ts – Immediate disqualification on flouting below rules:

  1. Don’t keep your Mic and Video on during the Performance of other participant.
  2. No members under any intoxication will be allowed for the audition.
  3. No foul language – or lewd gestures allowed during the performance.
  4. No others instruments except Yamaha Keyboard allowed in Performance.