Who can apply (Eligibility Criteria)?

Any individual can apply from Any State in India. The age limit is maximum 25 years old.

What kinds of songs are allowed (Genre/Language/Song Origin/Time)?

  • English, Hindi and Indian Regional Languages
  • 4 minutes in total will be provided during auditions in which performers has to do its performance.
  • In finale 5 minutes will be provided for performance.

When and where will the event are held?

  • All the participants are requested to submit their video latest by 21th NOV 2021

How to Register for it.

  • Please login to Jajbaa.com and follow the instructions for registration or Scan OR Code given in FB and other social media pages of JAJBAA.

What are the steps of the event?

  • Auditions – Top 10 Performers will be selected on the basis of Likes and Number of Video Shared on Jajbaa Youtube Channel upto 21th NOV 2021. All the decisions taken by Team Jajbaa and Gretex will be Final.
  • After Auditions we will announce 10 finalist on 24th NOV 2021.
  • Finale– Top 10 Qualified performer has to perform live on Finale day i.e. 28th NOV 2021 and the winner will be announced by our judges.

What are the prizes ?

Goodies worth Rs.
1st Prize : 20000/-
2nd Prize : 10000/-
3rd Prize : 5000/-

Are there any registration charges?

  • Rs. 250/- will be charged for the same and in return you will get a cashback coupon of Rs.500/- which can be redeemed by visit to Gretex Industries Ltd website : (www.gretexindustries.com).

How many performers will be participating?

  • Registrations: Unlimited
  • Finale- Top 10 Performers (qualified from Performances)

What kinds of instruments are allowed?

Performances only with Yamaha Keyboard are Allowed.

Who will judge and how?

After Selection of Finalist our panel of Judges will decide the winner . Technical/Playing skills, song composition and stage presence will contribute to judgement criteria.

How the Winners shall be selected

The Judges will select the Winner on the basis of points given to the participants on following parameters. :-

Track Selection 20 Points
Technical Skills 35 Points
Confidence 10 Points
Creativity 35 Points



Appendix 3 (Other Rules and Regulations)


  • Participants have to provide scanned photo identity proof.
  • Setting of instruments and Sound check will not be allowed online for performance.
  • No pre-recorded performance would be allowed for submission. Use of Performance Assistance Technology or “quantised” music is also not allowed. Main rhythm or beat cannot be generated and automatically played on the synthesizer.
  • Gretex Industries Limited reserves the right to use participants’ pictures, song and video performances for public relations and promotional purposes.
  • Gretex Industries Limited reserves the right to change any of the information given herein without any prior notice.